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Get Moving Today! Celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Designing Natural Playgrounds: Bringing Nature to Play

Playground Therapy: Relieve Stress and Reconnect with Nature

Designing Playgrounds for All: A Guide to Age-Appropriate Equipment

Using Color to Enhance Playgrounds

Finding Balance: Nurturing Your Child's Well-being with Screen Time and Outdoor Play

Enriching Education: Integrating Outdoor Play into Lesson Plans with May Recreation

Crafting Wonderland: A Guide to Designing a Toddler-Friendly Playground

Growing Fun: The Crucial Role of Landscaping in Playground Design

The Latest Playground Trends

18 Winter Activities for Kids

Ensuring Fun and Safety: Your Guide to Playground Safety

Weathering the Storm: The Impact of Mother Nature on Playground Equipment

Learning Through Play Outdoors: Fun Games for Kids

Playground Resurfacing: Important Safety Factor to Reduce Injuries

The Power of Play: 7 Benefits of Sports and Teamwork for Children

Common Playground Equipment Terms

Scaling New Heights: Exploring the Role of Climbing in Child Development

Fundraising for Your Playground: Turning Dreams into Reality

Creating a Relaxing Oasis: Enhancing Your Community Pool for Comfort and Fun

Unleashing Creativity: The Magic of Sensory Panels on Playgrounds

Unleashing Joy and Creativity: The History of the Playground

Intergenerational Play: Building Strong Connections Across Generations

Helping Children Embrace STEAM Principles With Playground Experiences

Inclusive and Fun Activities to Celebrate Field Day

The Impact of Inclusive Play on Kids' Social Skills

Help! My Neighborhood Needs a Park

Designing Your Indoor Playground

6 Considerations for Designing a Playground

Choosing Outdoor Site Furnishings

Why Should I Add Fitness Equipment to My Park?

Playground Games to Enhance Child Development

Five Must-Haves for School Playgrounds

Do I Need Artificial Turf?

Tips for Making A School Playground Inclusive

Sensory Playgrounds are a Must-Have!

Tips for Cleaning Artificial Turf

Inclusive Playgrounds are Fun for Everyone!

STEM Activities for Kids

Benefits of Obstacle Courses for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf on Playgrounds

How Playgrounds Can Spark a Child’s Imagination

5 Awesome Ideas For School Playgrounds

Climbing For Success? Yes We Can!

Adding Music To Your Playground—Let’s Make It Happen!

Why Your School Should Have a Playground

5 Ways to Entertain an Only Child

School's Out - Upgrade Your Playground

Mental Health Month - Kids Edition

Tips for Building a Playground for Toddlers

Helping Children Make Friends at the Playground

Defy gravity with new Miracle components!

Three Reasons Your Planned Community Needs a Playground

Shade Structures

Getting Your Playground Ready for Springtime!

Modern Playgrounds

Tips for Inclusive Playgrounds

Age Inclusive Playgrounds

Common Playground Terms

Building Risk Into Playgrounds

The Stages of Development for Children

Taking Education Outdoors: Classroom Lesson Ideas

Why You Need A Church Playground

How to Turn Your Existing Playground Inclusive on a Budget

Five Advantages to Adding a Playground to Every Housing Development

The Consequences of Increased Screen Time for Kids During the Pandemic

Playing With Your Child

Abstract Thinking and Young Children

Inspecting Your Playground After a Flood

How Neighborhood Playgrounds and Parks Increase Your Home Value

The Top Four Reasons You Should Update Your Playgrounds Right Now!

Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

How to Plan the Perfect Field Day for Your School

Why Moms LOVE Playgrounds

The Benefits of Installing a Shade Structure Over Playgrounds

Help Kids Develop Motor Skills with Time on the Playground

Selecting a Community Playground Theme

Camping Looks to be a Popular Outdoor Activity in 2021

Miracle Museum Can Turn Any Space into a Sensory Rich Play Area

Three Reasons Why Playgrounds are ESSENTIAL

Playground Needs for Child Care Programs

Unseen Risks of the Pandemic: Children's Mental Health

History of National Disabilities Day

Four Rules to Live By When Asking for Donations

Why You Should Include Outdoor Play in Your Virtual Learning Schedule

New Products from May Recreation!

4 Methods to Engage With Donors

Tips for Finding Grants for Playgrounds

Child Development Takes Place on a Playground

4 Pieces of Recreation Equipment That Makes Dog Parks Amazing!

The Benefits of Outside Play For Depression

Hand Sanitizers for Playgrounds & Parks

Outdoor Learning Social Distancing: How to Stay Safe

Why Your Kids Need to be Playing Outside... Even in a Pandemic

New School Schedules and Its Impact on Construction Process

How to Avoid Germs on the Playgound

Spotlight on Sensory Friendly Events

Thank You to the COVID-19 Essential Employees

Screen-Free Activities You Can Do At Home

Cleaning Miracle Equipment to Remove COVID-19

Childhood Obesity

Random Acts of Kindness - Tips for Kids

Mental Health and Kids

Inclusive Companies Gain Benefits from Creating Accepting Workplaces

Cell Phone Addiction and Young Kids

Safety Aspects of a Modern Playground Setup

Fun Playground Games

Dealing with Childhood Bullying

5 Smart Updates to Modernize Your Playground

Outdoor Fall Activities

Teaching Your Child to Be Inclusive

5 Tips for Making School Playgrounds More Inclusive

What Does Inclusive Mean to Your Community?

6 Best Uses of Shade Structures

Fine Motor Skill Development and Playground Play

Move in May! May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Keep Your Playground Feeling Cool with Affordable Shade Structures

Springtime in Texas: Prepare Your Playground for Summer

April is World Autism Month

What’s More Important: Recess or Test Scores?

The Role of Play in Learning and Child Development

CAD Design for Playground Projects

Top 5 Resources for Playground Grants

The Negative Impact of Too Much Screen Time

The History of Inclusive Play

How to Get Your Kids to Quit Fortnite and Spend Some Time Outside

Outdoor Family Activities

Houston Area Family Holiday Events

Playground Design & Installation: Where to Start?

Recess: It's Not Just For Fun

6 Reasons Why Your Playground Needs a Shade Structure

Are Inclusive & Sensory Playgrounds the Same Thing?

Why Should Your Kids Play Sports?

Project Highlight: Jordan Ranch

The Evolution of Playgrounds

The Importance of Resuscitating Recess

10 Ways That Parks and Playgrounds Benefit the Community

Water Play Evolution Over the Years

Sun Safety and Summertime

Miracle Recreation Playground Sale

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active During National Physical Fitness Month

Ideal Amount of Daily Activity Time for Children

Outdoor Play and Allergy Immunity

The Importance of Parents and Play

Brain Injuries and Inclusive Playgrounds

Groundbreaking Play: Classic Playground Games from the Past

Jazz Up Your Play Area with Music

Why Improving Kids’ Fitness is a Key Goal for American Heart Month

Why Do Children Climb?

Playground Safety Tips

Spotlight on Inclusive Playgrounds

Childhood Unplugged

Let Your Kids Play Outside This Winter

Playgrounds: Adding Big Value on a Small Budget

Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall Sale!

Kids, Fitness & Fun!

Why Build a Custom Playground?

Project Highlight: Cottonwood Park – Deer Park, TX

Cool New Project Alert: Greenthread Park

Upgrading Your Playground on a Budget

Project Highlight: Menard Park – Galveston, TX

Finding Funding for a Playground Project

The Value of Outdoor Play

Burroughs Park – The First Smart Playground in Harris County

Why Build an Inclusive Playground?

Playground Surfacing: What Are My Options?

X-Gen in Action!

What Should We Include in our Park and Playground Design?

Incorporating Technology In Outdoor Play Can Enhance the Playground

Second Step in Playground Planning: Establish a Budget

This is What's Next in Play! X-Gen!

Springtime in Texas: Preparing Your Playground & Pool for Summer Fun!

Time for Summer...POOL SLIDES and SHADE!

Key Considerations When Budgeting for a Playground

First Step in Playground Planning: Gather Information

Team Member Spotlight: Matt Wanner (Project Installation)

We Bought Playground Equipment... Now What?!?

Preparing for Spring: 5 Things to Consider When Building a Playground

Winter is the Perfect Time to Plan for Spring Play

Deer Park's Nedith Park Now Open

The Pulse of Play - May Recreation December Newsletter

Musical Instruments and the Inclusive Playground

What is an 'Inclusive Playground?'

Why use a "Total Park Design" as a basis for your project?

6 Benefits of Shade Structures

Miracle Recreation’s Customization Bring Theme Playgrounds to Life

Fall Playground Sale! Products Discounted Up To 40% Off

Miracle Recreation's Gravity Rail Brings Visitors to Tavola's Playground

Planning a Playground and Wondering Where to Start?

11 Benefits of Recess in Elementary Schools

Destination Playgrounds Provide Multiple Benefits for the Community

5 Reasons To Make Playground Surfacing A Priority in Your Design

City of Tyler Bergfeld Park: Hub of Community Activity

May Recreation Announces Partnership with Berliner Play Equipment

May Recreation Equipment & Design is a top supplier of playground equipment, shelters, playground safety surfacing, splash pads, site amenities, and related products in East Texas. Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure your project completes

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