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Cell Phone Addiction and Young Kids

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on December 18, 2019

When most people think of cell phone addictions and kids, they often think that people are referring to teenagers. Teenagers use their cell phones for many things, including staying in contact with their friends and social media. While teens can become addicted to their cell phones, they are not the only children that can. Young kids are beginning to show signs of cell phone addiction and actually becoming addicted to their parents cell phones or electronic items, such as tablets. As a parent, here is what you need to know about cell phone addiction and your young children. 

Why Are Young Children Becoming Addicted to Cell Phones?

Children are becoming addicted to cell phones, as parents use this to help their child in certain situations. For example, when they are at a restaurant or grocery shopping, and they want their child to settle down, they may hand them their phone playing their favorite cartoon. Or, on a long car ride, they may put a game on the phone and allow the child to play. Parents are handing over their cell phones to young children in order to make their lives easier and to entertain the child. 

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Child From Becoming Addicted?

The best way to prevent your child from becoming addicted to a cell phone is to limit their screen time. Most experts recommend limiting screen time for any electronic items to one hour for children under five, and two hours for kids under the age of 18. While it may be difficult for you, it is also healthy to allow your child to learn to cope with real life situations, such as having to sit still in a restaurant or being bored on a car ride. 

What Are the Signs Your Child is a Cell Phone Addict?

If your child is becoming addicted to a cell phone, they may constantly ask for the phone. If you do not give it to them, they may become angry, upset or have a temper tantrum. Children can become dependent on the cell phone and may not know what to do without it. This is to be expected, but as long as you stay firm and do not give in, they will find a new way to cope. 

What Are the Dangers of a Child Becoming Addicted to a Cell Phone? 

There are many dangers associated with children being addicted to a cell phone. A cell phone can affect their learning process, can interfere with their ability to sleep, can prevent them from learning to cope in real life situations, and can lead to obesity. The long term effects of cell phone addition in children are not fully known at this time, as this is the first generation of kids who have access to the full scope of technology that is currently available. 

As a parent, you should limit the amount of time your child spends in front of electronics, including cell phones, tablets, computers and television. You should encourage play, which helps their minds to grow. Here at May Recreation, we know how important it is to for children to play outside. This is why we develop outdoor playgrounds and play systems, where children can get exercise, explore their creative side, and engage in fun interactions with other children. Reach out to us today if you are building a community park or playground. 

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