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The Power of Play: 7 Benefits of Sports and Teamwork for Children

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on September 22, 2023

Participation in team sports is not just about the joys of running around outside, scoring goals, smacking baseballs, and making game-saving tackles – it’s a powerful tool for the development of physical, mental, and social skills in children.

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Topics: Play & Fitness, Pediatric Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Child Development

Common Playground Equipment Terms

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on September 6, 2023

Playgrounds have been an integral part of childhood for generations, providing children with opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play.

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Topics: Miracle Recreation, Custom Playground, Playground Design & Planning

Scaling New Heights: Exploring the Role of Climbing in Child Development

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on August 17, 2023

Climbing is an instinct that traverses the animal and human kingdoms and for good reasons. While animals may climb for food and basic survival, humans find climbing to be a fun and thrilling experience that helps their mental development. Let’s leap into the benefits of climbing for youngsters.

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Topics: Play & Fitness, Child Development

Fundraising for Your Playground: Turning Dreams into Reality

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on August 4, 2023

Playgrounds are more than just spaces filled with swings, slides, and climbers. They are inclusive places where children's imaginations take flight, friendships are forged, and communities gather.

Realizing the dream of creating a destination playground, however, usually hinges on one critical factor: funds.

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Topics: Custom Playground, Playground Design & Planning

Creating a Relaxing Oasis: Enhancing Your Community Pool for Comfort and Fun

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on July 19, 2023

A community pool has the potential to be more than just a place to swim. By introducing thoughtful amenities, you can transform your community pool into a relaxing oasis that promotes health, inclusion, socialization, and more. When you add amenities for comfort and fun, you create a place where individuals, families, and friends can come to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, shared environment.

Whether your community members want to use the pool area to swim laps, get a tan, read a book, have a conversation, or just watch their kids frolic, a few simple additions can make it happen. Here are some ideas for your community pool that May Recreation can help with.

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Topics: Community Parks, Shade, May Recreation

Unleashing Creativity: The Magic of Sensory Panels on Playgrounds

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on July 5, 2023

As screen time becomes more and more tempting for both children and parents, the importance of engaging in outdoor play remains as imperative to growth and development as it's ever been. In some ways, playgrounds haven't changed; they continue to offer opportunities for exploration and adventure, supporting physical, emotional, and social development in children.

In other ways, though, innovation in recent years has transformed playgrounds, making them more inclusive - and even therapeutic - for all children, but especially those with sensory disabilities. This is critical as we're becoming more aware of the prevalence of sensory processing disorders. One of those innovations is the addition of sensory panels.

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Topics: Inclusivity, Child Development

Unleashing Joy and Creativity: The History of the Playground

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on June 20, 2023

Playgrounds hold a special place in our childhood memories—a realm where imagination takes flight, friendships are forged, and endless laughter fill the air. But have you ever wondered about the origins of these magical spaces?

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Topics: Custom Playground, Playground Design & Planning, Child Development

Intergenerational Play: Building Strong Connections Across Generations

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on June 2, 2023

Today’s children have fewer siblings and better connections to their grandparents. Fostering intergenerational play, then, may be one of the best ways for families to find themselves connecting those links. In many instances, both parents work, and households are single-parent-led.

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Topics: Play & Fitness, Child Development

Helping Children Embrace STEAM Principles With Playground Experiences

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 22, 2023

Many parents and educators are familiar with the term STEM, which is an acronym for “Science,” “Technology,” “Engineering” and “Mathematics.” These concepts are a foundational aspect of learning that helps students succeed across the board. STEM is designed to allow young people to gain real-world knowledge using these principles through hands-on applications and immersive experiences.

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Topics: Outdoor Classroom, Child Development, STEAM

Inclusive and Fun Activities to Celebrate Field Day

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 4, 2023

As the school year winds down, Field Day is one thing teachers and students look forward to. Field Day is a time-honored tradition in almost every school, and it offers a special opportunity for kids at all grade levels to interact, compete in a friendly environment, and show off their athletic abilities.

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Topics: Childhood Unplugged, Child Development

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