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Inclusive Playgrounds are Fun for Everyone!

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on October 28, 2022

Inclusive playgrounds have started popping up all over the nation, and for good reason. Their innovative designs elevate the community space by providing every kid with a safe and inviting place to play.

So, if you’re thinking about building a new playground or just upgrading your existing play space, it’s time to make inclusivity a top priority. Ready to make that happen? Here’s what you need to know.

What are Inclusive Playgrounds?

Inclusive playgrounds take the modern playscape to the next level by bringing everyone in on the fun. The design starts with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant pathways and ground surfaces. These surfaces typically feature artificial turf and other materials that help people with wheelchairs and other mobility aids move freely.

Then, inclusive playgrounds go beyond basic accessibility guidelines with play equipment designed for kids of all ages and abilities, such as:

  • Sensory panels
  • Roller slides
  • In-line rope swing
  • Outdoor music instruments

Wheelchair-accessible swings, spinners, and gliders all complement the inclusive playscapes as well, creating a truly welcoming space for all to enjoy.

Inclusive Playground Benefits

Inclusive playgrounds can benefit your community in many awesome ways, such as:

Amplifies the Fun for Everyone

On inclusive playgrounds, kids of differing abilities can play side by side without physical or social barriers getting in the way. The meaningful play experiences give a sense of independence while promoting understanding through social integration. The sense of inclusion also helps decrease loneliness, especially as kids develop lasting friendships.

Helps Kids Build Life Skills

From toddlerhood through to the teen years, kids learn while playing, especially when they get to play with other people. On inclusive playgrounds, children learn how to relate to one another, share and take turns, and think through challenges, just to name a few things. The skills stick with them for life, too, helping them excel in school and beyond.

Promotes Community Connections

Inclusive playgrounds bring the community together by giving every child a great place to play. Friendships naturally blossom as a result and not just between the kids. Parents and other caregivers get a chance to make friends and build their circle of support, which serves to strengthen your community at every level.

With a look at these benefits, it’s clear that inclusive playgrounds are the way of the future. Communities nationwide will undoubtedly continue replacing their outdated playgrounds with spaces designed with everyone in mind.

Empower Your Community by Building an Inclusive Playground

If don’t want to get left out of the fun, it’s time to embrace the power of an inclusive playground design for your new build or remodel. To get started, you just have to begin the design process with help from our team at May Recreation.

Our team will help you start by choosing an accessible ground surface, like artificial turf instead of using wood chips or pebbles. After that, the sky is the limit in what you can add.

Alongside our team, you’ll just need to look over all the sensory-rich playground solutions and envision how you’d like the space to look. From there, it’s a matter of finalizing the build to match your budget before choosing the date you want to break ground.


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