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5 Awesome Ideas For School Playgrounds

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on August 11, 2022

Kids are getting ready to head back to school, and as they do, schools may be realizing that their current playgrounds are dated or no longer meet the needs of their students. If you are designing a new playground area for your school, or you are looking to enhance an existing play area, you may be looking for new ideas. Here are five awesome ideas that you may wish to incorporate into your school playground. 

Shade Structures

A lot of playground equipment is made from either metal or plastic, because both materials are extremely durable, strong and long-lasting. Unfortunately, the downside to these materials is that they can get hot when they are in direct sunlight. While students may be out of school during the hottest time of year, playground equipment can still get hot in late summer, early fall or late spring. Shade structures help to protect both the equipment and the students playing on the equipment from direct sunlight. Not only does this prevent the equipment from getting hot and the kids from getting sunburned, but it also protects your equipment from direct sun exposure. This can help your equipment last longer. 

Safety Surfacing

Most playground equipment at schools is placed right on an asphalt blacktop or surrounded by wood chips. Instead of asphalt or wood chips, consider using safety surfacing around your playground equipment. Safety surfacing helps to keep kids who jump or fall off equipment safer. It also prevents wood chips from getting into a child's shoe or from kids picking up and throwing wood chips on the playground. 

Climbing Structures

If you are looking for an awesome idea for your school playground, consider installing climbing structures. There is a wide array of climbing structures that you can select from, depending on the size of your school and the age range of children at your school. Climbing helps children with their balance, while also helping them to burn off energy that they may have from sitting still in class.  

Sensory Panels

Another awesome idea for school playgrounds is sensory panels. There are many types of sensory panels, including panels that have sounds, textures, designs, and colors. Each sensory panel is designed for a child to use their sense of sight, sound or touch. This is perfect for children who are exploring and learning about the world around them. Another advantage to sensory panels is that teachers can use the panels as they create lesson plans for their classes. This makes the playground equipment multifunctional. 

Tranquility Corners

The last thing that you may want to incorporate into a school playground is tranquility corners. School can be overwhelming at times, and sometimes students just need a quiet place to retreat. A busy and loud playground may be overwhelming, stressful or induce anxiety. Tranquility corners give students a quiet and peaceful place that has a few quiet activities, yet is not overstimulating. This can also be a great place for a teacher's aide to take a child who may be having trouble sitting still or concentrating in class one day. 

If you are looking to design a new playground or are looking to make changes to an existing playground at your school, the team at May Recreation would love to help you. Our team can work with you and your budget to come up with creative ideas and equipment for your playground. Call or email us today to learn more or to get started. 

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