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How to Avoid Germs on the Playgound

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 19, 2020

Visiting the playground is likely one of your child’s favorite activities. The playground is also where you child learns to interact socially with other children and gets that much needed physical exercise. It’s unfortunate that the playground is also a source of germs, but there are some clever ways to avoid germs on the playground.

Teach Kids Not to Touch Their Face

While there’s no practical way to avoid germs entirely, you can help to train your child not to touch their face. That way, if they do encounter germs at the playground—which they most certainly will—those germs won’t be transferred to their face, mouth and nose.

Supply Kids With Tissues

Stuff your child’s pockets with a supply of tissues they can use to wipe their nose if they are so inclined. This will help to keep them from rubbing their nose on the back of their hand, which is more likely to spread germs.

Bring Baby Wipes to the Playground

If you’re lucky enough to arrive at a playground when it’s empty, you’ll have an opportunity to quickly wipe down handrails and other surfaces Boy playing at the monkey bars and smiling-2that may have germs on them. Bring baby wipes to the playground with you so you have something to wipe down the equipment with.

Use Wipes to Clean Hands

When your child does run over to you, take the opportunity to wipe down their face and hands with wipes. This will help to get rid of any germs they may have already come into contact with.

Make a Bath a Routine

When you come home from the playground, the bathtub should be your child’s next destination. If you make the bath after the playground a regular routine, your kids won’t balk at the idea. 

Wash Clothes After a Day at the Playground

Immediately after coming home from the playground, put your kids clothes into the washing machine. Avoid adding them to the clothes hamper, where they could possibly spread the germs that you brought home from the playground. 

Avoid Kids Who Are Sick

It would be nice if all parents made a concerted efforts to keep their kids home when they are sick. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you notice other kids at the playground who are visibly sniffling, coughing or sneezing, it might be best to come back another day. There’s no way to avoid sick kids in public places, and your child would undoubtedly encounter germs that the sick child accidentally left behind. 

Ask Local Authorities to Clean Playground Equipment

Get into contact with your local authorities and ask them to clean the playground equipment on a regular basis. They should be doing this anyway, but some town governments may need a reminder.

Of course, you don’t want to make your child fear germs or take the fun out of the playground, but it does help to make your child aware of the existence of germs so they are more complicit in your efforts to protect them from germs. These tips will go a long way toward keeping your child safe from the germs that could make them sick.  


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