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Water Play Evolution Over the Years

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on June 21, 2018

water parkSince time began, children have had a unique relationship with water. While adults view water as a source of life or as a source of food, kids see water as a way to have fun. Water play has evolved over the years, but it remains a wholesome, healthy activity for kids around the world.

Puddle Jumping

One of the oldest forms of water play is puddle jumping. Show kids a puddle and they will entertain themselves for hours. Whether dressed in a school uniform or Sunday’s finest, boots are optional.

Fire Hydrants

City kids have always been creative with their water play. When the weather is unbearably hot, a spouting fire hydrant has always done the trick. While not officially sanctioned by any government authority, this age-old form of water play nevertheless keeps appearing in urban areas across the country.

Bathtub Play

Tell a child it’s bath time and he may run and hide. But after the boats and rubber duckies make an appearance in the tub, parents usually have a hard time getting the child out of the bath.


Summertime backyard fun doesn’t always rely on toys. Kids soon realized that dad’s grass sprinklers make excellent water foes. Those unpredictable plastic yellow garden tools incite children to run and jump as they try to avoid getting sprinkled — or on scorching days, try to stay inside the sprinkler’s cool water spray.

Water Balloons

Water balloons are a formidable weapon in the hands of a child with a good throwing arm. Why fill a perfectly good balloon with air when you can make backyard forts and toss water cannons at your “enemies” across a makeshift moat? For a buck a bag, balloons filled with water can keep children happy for hours.

Water Pistols

When water pistols came on the scene, kids were excited. When ads for Super Soakers saturated the cartoon commercials, kids were ready to do mock battle as the entire neighborhood came out to play.

Pond Races

A seemingly more sophisticated form of water play came on the scene with remote-control vehicles. Organized pond races are a popular way for parents and kids to compete with their remote controllers, safely on shore.

Water Fountains

Water fountains have always been a magnet for intrepid kids. It doesn’t matter if the fountain surrounds an Italian masterpiece or a cute cupid, water fountains have all the fun characteristics of water play — cool water and splashing.

Pool Slides

What better way to enter the pool than by a fast-moving tube that swiftly transports you into the water? Visit any swimming pool in the land with a pool slide, and you'll see kids lining up to slide down it.

Splash Pads

Today, splash pads are the latest evolution of puddles. With zero-depth entry and integrated geysers, fountains and waterfalls, splash pads are the whole package for water play.

Water playgrounds incorporate slides, water dumps and shallow-depth pools. With May Recreation on the scene, water play has come a long way since kids had to make do with a puddle. Contact us for a consultation about your children’s commercial play experience.

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