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Climbing For Success? Yes We Can!

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on July 27, 2022

Today, we are able to give our youngsters a bit more of an advantage than we might have had. As adults, our era involved a bit of climbing, but we mostly only had trees to satisfy our urges to get higher in life. Thankfully, we have access to playground equipment that lets our kiddos (and playful adults) get as high as they need. Let’s explore some of the benefits that climbing offers the mind and body.

Does Climbing Boost the Brain?

Climbing at a young age has been shown to enhance our motor skills, while offering a greater sense of directional awareness, spatial balance, agility, coordination and memory. As a whole, students who climb have better overall academic performance and seem to pay attention in the classroom. An added benefit is that all of that energy doesn’t stay pent up, which means fewer disciplinary incidents on campus.

Climbing Up Towards Team-Building Skills

The playground is a place where kids come together and naturally have engagements that can forge friendships for life. This outdoor zone can translate into better communications indoors as well. When young people can come back into the classroom with a greater sense of connection due to play, they can put those minds together academically. Climbing equipment stimulates them in ways that we can only “speak” on, such as patience, listening and how to get along with each other—even when they agree to disagree.

Climbing Skills Increase Balance and Coordination

Climbing lets our kids to utilize multiple parts of the body in their playtime. They maximize and enhance their coordination skills while maintaining body balance to pull themselves up. This lets children become more conscious of the means and methodology of ways to maximize body coordination as they climb above and under various climbing structures. In the long run, keeping them moving in this way also increases their body strength.

Climbers Earn Motor Skills and Enhance Spatial Awareness

Climbing plays a pivotal role in developing motor skills and promotes  kids' imaginations. Young climbers are more likely to shine in areas that require a greater sense of spatial awareness. Using the hands and feet to tackle the various levels of climbing gear on the playground is a solid investment in motor skills. Our experts at May Playgrounds recommend:

  • Ladders
  • Parallel Bars
  • Overhead Bars
  • Climbing Rings
  • Net Climbers

Climbing Can Increase Confidence

Climbing structures on playgrounds can foster positive emotional maturity through boosting a child’s level of confidence and self-satisfaction. Such exercises can give them opportunities to challenge themselves, and having met the goal of getting to the top can be a healthy esteem booster! So, don't let the opportunities pass you or your young ones by--reach out to our experts today to discover just how much climbing the ladder to success can be for both our youngsters and even 'kid-ults'. Let's reach for the highest levels together!

Let’s Climb Our Way to Fun!

Are you ready to get the climbing fun on? Contact our playground designing professionals at May Recreation today at 800-964-6301 or 281-363-1908, and tell us what you need and we will bring it to life!


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