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Inclusive Companies Gain Benefits from Creating Accepting Workplaces

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on January 15, 2020

When companies market their products and services, they may target a certain market sector that is more inclined to make purchases, such as marketing recreational equipment to outdoorsy people or vacation resort packages to people with families. To successfully market their operations, companies often hire employees that encompass the mindsets and backgrounds of their target audience so that they can better connect to potential customers. Yet many businesses are finding that by focusing on only one subset of individuals can create a workplace culture that excludes employees and potential customers based on their disabilities. Instead, these businesses are making the switch to becoming more inclusive operations that welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, races, genders and disabilities.

Creating Disability Inclusion Working Environments

Disabilities can come in many forms such as hearing, vision, and mobility impairments. Yet these workers add immense benefits to any workplace for many industries. They bring their own mindsets, cultural backgrounds and skills into team projects that allow for businesses to expand their marketing capabilities by bringing in more diverse opinions and ideas. In addition to hiring workers with disabilities, many of these companies are investing in educational and cultural programs as well as scholarships to create more opportunities for people who may find themselves shut out from the workforce due to their disabilities. Some companies focused on inclusive workplaces include:


Accenture offers global consulting and professional services as it serves clients in over 120 countries. The company has created a diverse workforce by hiring people with disabilities, military veterans and military spouses. Accenture found that by embracing diversity, it helped to boost their innovation and competitive edge, as well as create better leadership roles throughout the corporation.

Microsoft Corp

Tech companies such as Microsoft have increased their recruitment efforts towards hiring more young people who have disabilities. In addition to promoting diversity in their employee ranks, the company also provides scholarships to disabled high school students so that they can get into college.


Aetna has been recognized as one of the "Best Work Places for People with Disabilities" according to Very Well Health. With such an inclusive environment, the company also provides work hour flexibility policies to better accommodate their disabled employees as well as physical therapists and onsite fitness centers.

Proctor & Gamble Co.

The Proctor & Gamble company strives to hire and retain people who have disabilities. In addition, the company offers support to employees who have disabled dependents and also hosts symposiums that focus on telling the stories that their deaf and blind employees have experienced.


The Brown-Forman company builds as well as manufactures alcohol beverage brands on a global scale. The company also has one of the most diverse and inclusive workplaces for their disabled employees. They have won numerous awards due to their commitment in making their workplaces, work processes and market areas more inclusive to people with disabilities.

People from different backgrounds should always find a place to feel welcome, whether it is in our schools, workplaces, or recreational areas. Here at May Recreation, we create commercial playgrounds and parks for communities to help provide a save and fun environment. Contact May Recreation today to learn more.

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