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How to Get Your Kids to Quit Fortnite and Spend Some Time Outside

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on December 17, 2018

Especially in this day and age, kids are consumed by electronics. From games on their phones to games on the Xbox, PlayStation or computer, these games are consuming the lives of kids all over the world. Although there are many games responsible for this video-game addiction, Fortnite is currently leading the pack. Fortnite is an online game where players fight against each other in player vs. player combat. Especially over the past decade, kids are spending less time outdoors and more time playing video games. Not only does that lead to social issues in kids, it can also contribute to obesity and other health problems. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of getting outside, the many activities that your kids can do, and how to encourage your kids to put down the controller.

Importance of Getting Outside

Although many might not realize it, getting outside is very beneficial for our mind and body. In fact, spending more time outdoors has been proven to fight depression, improve memory and improve cardiovascular health — in addition to many other benefits. However, kids aren’t the only ones to blame for their lack of getting outside. Although most parents live hectic lives, they should be encouraging kids to get outside by asking them to go on hikes, go camping or play a sport. Getting out in the sun is great for our skin, and the fresh air can do wonders for many aspects of our lives.

Outdoor Activities

So as many of you understand the importance of getting outside, you may be struggling with what activities to do. Especially if you’ve never been the outdoor type, this can be a troublesome challenge. If you and your children aren’t usually very active, we recommend starting small and progressing from there. Maybe start with a short walk around the block or a nearby hike. Hiking is a great place to start because you can start small and still get the amazing benefits that nature provides. If possible, we recommend finding a trail out of the city to really get a perspective of the natural world.

How to Encourage Your Kids

Today, it’s harder than ever to get your kids away from the screen. They might try to argue with you or throw a fit if you try to get them away. However, you must stay strong in these moments and tell them it’s time to go outside. It helps to find activities that they enjoy doing, and you might even offer to have their friends come along. One tactic that a lot of parents use is to set a timer for how long the kids can play video games. Once that timer is up, stay strict and take them outdoors. If they like basketball, take them to a park to shoot hoops. Do they like riding bikes? Go on a fun bike ride around the block or through the park. It’s vital that you talk with your kids about what outdoor activities they like to do, and offer to do those activities with them and invite their friends.

Suggesting fun and exciting outdoor activities to your children can help them change their lifestyle and improve their overall health!

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