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Inclusive and Fun Activities to Celebrate Field Day

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 4, 2023

As the school year winds down, Field Day is one thing teachers and students look forward to. Field Day is a time-honored tradition in almost every school, and it offers a special opportunity for kids at all grade levels to interact, compete in a friendly environment, and show off their athletic abilities.More than that, Field Day is a way for all students to feel they're part of something fun and memorable. Here is a collection of classic Field Day activities and some new twists on old favorites.

Backward Relay Race

In this fun twist on a well-known Field Day activity, participants do the same as a regular relay race. Team members on each side take turns carrying an item from one place to another, transferring it to the next team member, who "takes the baton" and continues the relay. But in this version, the team member must run or jog backward with the object until they reach their teammate, who then also has to turn and run or jog backward, and so on.

This is a clever adaptation because it involves a higher degree of dexterity, uses different muscle groups, and—the best part—looks much more comical for others to enjoy watching!

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is always a favorite on Field Day. It involves hand-to-eye coordination, eye contact with other players, and carefully catching and throwing. Teams form two separate lines, facing each other. They must toss water balloons across the space between them to the other player. If a player misses the catch and the balloon bursts, that player is out. If the catch is missed, but the balloon is intact, the player is still in.

This can be made more interesting and educational for younger kids on Field Day by using color coding. Have kids wear colored badges on their shirts. They can only toss or catch balloons with matching colors!

Monkey Bars Obstacle Race

Incorporate your playground equipment with a monkey bars obstacle race in Field Day activities. Other obstacles arranged strategically around the playing field, include the monkey bars on the playground equipment. Players must traverse the monkey bars using only their hand and arm strength.

You can adapt this Field Day activity for younger children by having one or two adults under the monkey bars to assist youngsters across the monkey bars.

Cup-Stacking Race

To include kids who may not have the necessary physical abilities for running and climbing, be sure to have several non-strenuous Field Day activities. One idea is a cup-stacking race. Players take their seats at a long folding table. Each player is given a stack of 21 red plastic cups, which must be stacked into a pyramid or triangle shape. The first player to stack and then unstack the 21 cups wins the competition.

Who Am I?

Another fun Field Day activity is "Who Am I?" For this game, a group of kids are each provided with a sticky note with a famous person's name written on it. Only the other players can see the name. Each person must guess whose name is on their forehead by asking questions. You can limit the number of allowed questions to 10 or 20, so the game has an agreeable time limit. This game is also suitable for kids with less stamina or physical limitations.


As you plan your school's Field Day activities, consider your students' needs and interests. This is a great way to allow everyone to socialize and have fun in a healthy environment where play is both educational and enjoyable.

For more information about playground equipment or help planning your play area for next year, please contact May Recreation today!

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