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Playground Games to Enhance Child Development

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on January 18, 2023

Playgrounds are very popular because they help to enhance child development. Playgrounds as a whole help to encourage children to socialize, exercise, increase their coordination, and use imaginative play. Playground equipment itself is important, but sometimes the games that are played are equally as important to a child's development. Here is more about using playground games to enhance child development.

Why Are Playground Games Important for Child Development?

Playing outside and at a playground can help children in a number of different ways. However, many children have short attention spans and playing on the same equipment day in and day out may start to get boring.

When this happens, having a parent, teacher or caretaker suggest games can help children think of new ways to use the equipment or can help break them out of a rut they may be in with the equipment.

Games and playground equipment can help enhance physical skills, social skills, emotional skills, and cognitive development in children.


What Types of Skills Can Playground Games Help a Child Develop?

One of the most interesting things about playground games is that different games help a child develop different skills. The games help create moments in life that you will fondly look back on.

Take a few moments to think about your childhood. Do you recall playing any games at a park or at a school? Red Rover, dodgeball, and duck, duck, goose are some of the games that may instantly pop into your head.

Each and every one of these games taught you many different skills, including socialization skills, strategy and problem-solving techniques, creative thinking skills, and physical and cognitive skills.


What Are a Few Examples of Playground Games You Can Incorporate Into Your Playground?

Every playground game that you suggest to your child or students can be used to help with different types of development. Some of the games that you might want to incorporate into your playground routine include:

Sliding Games

There are a number of different sliding games you can play. You can ask your child to roll a ball and a rock down the slide and see which rolls faster or ask your child to roll their stuffed animal down the slide and then run to the end and see if they can catch it before it finishes sliding.

Each of these sliding games gets a child thinking and allows them to test out different thoughts or experiments they may have.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Another fun game that can easily be played at a playground is I Spy With My Little Eye. This game encourages children to be aware of their surroundings and may cause them to notice things they never paid attention to before.

I Spy With My Little Eye also helps with creativity and supports intellectual development.

Ninja Warrior - Playground Edition

You can turn any playground into an obstacle course, such as a Ninja Warrior course.

Creating different obstacle courses causes children to develop creative thinking techniques, intellectual development, teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and physical strength and endurance.

Games Involving Balls

Many playground games involve balls of some sort, including kickball, tetherball, four square, and dodgeball. Find a game that is age-appropriate for kids to develop social skills, hand-eye coordination, learning and following rules, and physical strength.

At May Recreation, we are committed to helping cities, counties, schools, and learning centers create the perfect playground for children to learn and play on. If you are looking to build a new playground or change the equipment at an existing play area, we can help you find the right play structures and equipment. Contact us today to get started.


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