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Adding Music To Your Playground—Let’s Make It Happen!

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on July 12, 2022

While there is no denying that adults love music, we can potentially not recognize how beneficial the sweet sounds of harmony can be for our young ones. In early childhood, the wonderful sounds of music can have a major impact on the development and growth and development of children. With that in mind, let’s cover some ways to cultivate this musical environment in the playground.

Why Music Matters in Youth’s Lives

Music helps children with emotional and physical development, which is the staple of how they will live their lives. Some of the most pivotal benefits that this brain food for the mind and memories assists with include:

  • Cerebellum — Controls movement and physical memories
  • Amygdala — Processes and triggers emotions    
  • Hippocampus: The Hippocampus — The warehouse we call the brain craves music. Kids, like adults, can pull lessons for life from music.

The right side of the brain processes and interprets musical sounds. However, language and words engage the left brain. Children can use the sweet sounds of music to understand and form new words and discern them from one another.

Making Music Versus Listening to Music

The benefits of listening to music already has numerous benefits, especially for our wee ones. However, it can help them learn new words and learn to communicate with their peers better. Music also encourages a few beats that keep their minds and bodies in motion, which can foster more intentional actions and engagements.

Why Is the Playground an Ideal Place to Learn Music?

Integrating music into the playground offers a host of benefits and whether it’s via a Bluetooth accessory or just a sound banger to get the group fired up, kids love it! And here’s why.

Noise is Accessible: Children can play, make noise and express themselves while at play. The freedom is unsurpassable!

Music is Universal: Music is known to propel language skills, but music is a universal language that helps people communicate across language barriers. Children from different cultures can interact and forge bonds with musical instruments.

Expression is Everything: Children are in a constant drive to learn new ways to communicate and express their emotions. Playgrounds give our young ones a space to have unstructured and unfiltered play. Adding a few sound-making pieces of equipment to the playground gives youths a method of expressing themselves free of judgement or ‘structure’.

How to Bring the Noise to the Yard

Because the space and availability of hand-held accessories can be limited in the playground, incorporating a few gongs, ringing bells, conga bangers and spinning parts on outdoor play gear can be a game changer. However, school teachers and caregivers that have access to a 'free space' can certainly let the kiddos bring their own gear to accompany the drumming. Together, the kids can establish a whole new mind set that evolves into greater success in the classroom.

Let’s Climb Our Way to Fun!

Let’s make music together and let our youngsters prosper! Contact our playground designing professionals at May Recreation online today, or call us at 800-964-6301 or 281-363-1908, and let our representatives give you a free consultation today.

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