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5 Ways to Entertain an Only Child

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on June 20, 2022

With summer kicking off in full force, plenty of kids are anxious as ever to find something that will occupy their free time. While some kids have siblings to blow off steam, others might only have themselves and their parents to spend the day with. Need help finding some ways to entertain your only child? Here are some useful tips to keep an only child occupied.

Arts and Crafts

Spending some time with your child while you both take part in some arts and crafts is an easy and fun way to entertain your only child. From finger painting to its less-messy counterpart, coloring with crayons, allowing your child to take some time to get creative while also having fun with different mediums is a great way to keep your child’s attention captivated, whether it’s for a few hours or a few minutes. And this activity can even be taken outside! If you wish to get your child some vitamin D, drawing with sidewalk chalk is a great way to get some sun and have fun!

Watch a Movie

Sometimes keeping your child occupied takes up too much time if you have work to do around the house or if you work from home. Putting on a movie can keep your child’s attention while you complete your list of chores for the day, at least for the duration of the film. This activity also works for all ages, from toddlers to teens. Action or comedy movies are good genres to keep a child’s attention, as they are full of jokes and/or eye-catching sequences that can hold your attention throughout the whole time and they aren’t overly long to the point where you get bored. Watching a movie is a great way to keep your only child entertained and allow you to get some work done (or some time to sit back and relax)!

Do a Puzzle

Completing a puzzle or other types of challenging mind games is another great way to keep your only child occupied. Giving an activity that gets their mind working is a great way to teach your child how to think critically and limits their time being exposed to technology, like smartphones and tablets. Allow your only child to put their wits to the test with a fun puzzle or toys like LEGOs that give kids the chance to exercise their brain. Only children tend to enjoy time to themselves, and these kinds of activities are perfect for those who like working independently!

Play Make-Believe Games with Them

Another way to keep your only child entertained is to play make-believe games with them! While children with siblings would usually play games like “house” or “dolls” with their brothers and sisters, only children often have to make do with just themselves. Joining in on the fun is a great way to let your child’s creative energy flow and allow them to expel their bubbly spirits, just like they would with a sibling around. Plenty of children love to play games of make-believe, and they can be the perfect way to keep a child entertained for hours!

Take Them to a Park

And last, but not least, try taking your child to a park! Getting them outside and moving is great for their physical and mental health, and allows them to make friends with other kids. Since only children spend a lot of time by themselves, taking them to a park surrounds them with other children, building up their social skills and gives them the opportunity to connect with other kids their age. Spending time outdoors is a great way to keep a child entertained, especially at a playground, which are specifically designed to let kids have fun and keep them occupied. Letting kids spend time outside is good for their general wellbeing too, giving them a break from being cooped up inside and giving them access to plenty of vitamin D!


Keeping an only child entertained in the summertime can be difficult and can tend to feel like a full-time job. Hopefully with these suggestions, your only child will start to feel less bored and will allow both you and your child a little fun in the summer sun!

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