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Creating a Relaxing Oasis: Enhancing Your Community Pool for Comfort and Fun

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on July 19, 2023

A community pool has the potential to be more than just a place to swim. By introducing thoughtful amenities, you can transform your community pool into a relaxing oasis that promotes health, inclusion, socialization, and more. When you add amenities for comfort and fun, you create a place where individuals, families, and friends can come to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, shared environment.

Whether your community members want to use the pool area to swim laps, get a tan, read a book, have a conversation, or just watch their kids frolic, a few simple additions can make it happen. Here are some ideas for your community pool that May Recreation can help with.

Comfortable Seating

Benches, chairs, and loungers should be strategically placed throughout the pool area. A combination of fixed benches and movable loungers is best, so people can sit either in the shade or in the sun.


After some time splashing in the sun, some shade is much appreciated. Consider installing a cute gazebo in the corner of the pool area, with seating inside. You could also install a larger pavilion, where visitors can have small family get-togethers while enjoying the pool.

Attractive Trash Receptacles

The more time people spend at your community pool, the more things they may bring in, and the need for trash receptacles increase. To keep your community pool looking great, give people what they need to toss food wrappers, used bottles of sunblock, etc. in the trash. Place several attractive trash receptacles around the perimeter to remind visitors to clean up after themselves.

Fun Elements

A pool slide can keep energetic kids entertained for hours, and they attract all age groups. Another fun element to consider is a separate splash pad, where younger kids who haven’t yet learned to swim can enjoy water play while their parents watch.


Adding bike racks to your community pool is a great way to encourage fitness, plus it adds accessibility to the pool for kids who haven’t yet learned to drive. The bike racks can be installed outside the perimeter of the community pool, where the bikes can be in view, but not interfere with the inside pool area.

Multi-use Amenities

Another great way to encourage more community members to enjoy the pool area more often is to install one or more grills. If your community pool is in an apartment complex, residents may not be permitted to have grills on their decks or patios. A community pool gas grill provides residents with a perk that enables them to enjoy a little family cookout without having to travel far.

Also consider the benefits of a beautiful gas fire pit, where community members can gather and socialize or simply enjoy being under the day or night sky while enjoying the gentle lapping sounds of the swimming pool.

Athletic Equipment

Being in the area of a community pool often brings fitness to the forefront. Encourage fitness by installing a few pieces of athletic equipment, such as a basketball hoop or volleyball net. You could also have a pool volleyball net installed in the pool itself, which can retract when not in use.

All of these ideas will help to create a relaxing oasis in your community pool area. But they also serve as perks that can be cited to encourage new community members to join in, move in, or simply be a part of a larger community. They’re simple little ideas that can have a big impact on the happiness level of your community members. If you’d like to learn more about how to integrate one or more of these ideas into your community pool area, please contact May Recreation today.

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