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Time for Summer...POOL SLIDES and SHADE!

Posted by Randy May on Mar 16, 2017 10:13:53 AM

The time is getting near... the Texas "green cloud" from pollen is starting to subside and our thoughts are turning to water, beach and long days of fun in the sun at the local neighborhood pool!

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Topics: Pool Slides - Water Slides

Deer Park's Nedith Park Now Open

Posted by Randy May on Jan 5, 2017 9:49:48 AM


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Why use a "Total Park Design" as a basis for your project?

Posted by Randy May on Nov 11, 2016 11:28:22 AM

When designing a playground project it's important to consider not only the play structure itself, but also other items and accessories that make up the total park design. Additions such as shade, seating and litter disposals add to the overall experience and comfort of those using your play area.

By planning with the total park in mind you can increase the enjoyment of children of all ages, along with parents, educators, community residents or other guests. 

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Topics: playground planning, Total Park Design