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Scaling New Heights: Exploring the Role of Climbing in Child Development

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on August 17, 2023

Climbing is an instinct that traverses the animal and human kingdoms and for good reasons. While animals may climb for food and basic survival, humans find climbing to be a fun and thrilling experience that helps their mental development. Let’s leap into the benefits of climbing for youngsters.

Climbing Develops Motor Skills and Spatial Awareness

Incorporating ways to elevate kiddos off the ground by incorporating climbing systems into your playground creates a dynamic environment. By using both their feet and hands as they adjust to different inclines, kids must estimate differences in distance between platforms and their body’s position in space.

This teaches them spatial awareness and fosters motor skills, allowing them also have better hand-eye coordination as they grip the equipment during climbing tasks.

Climb to Better Memory and Problem-Solving Skills

Kids mentally have a lot of questions when tackling various climbing installations. Can they reach that far? Can balance be maintained? What should the next move be?

Working through these dynamic activities boost their cognitive brain power, and improves memory and problem-solving skills.

Climbers Learn Concentration, Patience, and Better Focus

While figuring out how to conquer certain tasks on the playground, children need to be patient and stay focused while navigating the path before them. As kids climb, they must use their ability to hone in on tasks while taking time to think them through, which enhances their attention capabilities.

In fact, climbing can be a form of therapy for youth who struggle with attention issues or excessive energy that lowers their ability to concentrate fully on tasks.

Climbers Develop Physical Strength

Kids can gain strength in their core and upper body on some implements, while others offer a full-body exercise that works for all their muscle groups. On our Champions Trek, which is similar to Ninja Warrior courses, they’ll need to lift their whole body weight and make movements that they usually don’t in other activities.

Our Chaos Climber is a must-have installation for your playground to promote climbing. Our catalog is filled with great options that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing and new installation plans.

Kids Learn Safer Risk-Taking

Learning how to handle risk assessments is a necessary part of growing up. When taking risks, the benefits are weighed against the possible harm that can come with following through. As they master each challenge, they gain greater confidence and are willing to take safer risks.

Climbing structures often allow kids the chance to climb at odd angles while moving and jumping from platform to platform without falling. This takes concentration but allows them to have a good time and gain skills without involving extreme heights.

Climbing helps children build these skills while indulging in a fun and thrilling activity that goes naturally with playing.

Build a Climbing Playground With May Recreation

At May Recreation, we make sure every piece of playground equipment we carry offers thrilling playtime for kids. Our climbers for children can help them build strong muscles, brain power and develop their spatial senses and awareness of risks.

Promoting climbing allows kids to unleash their inner adventurer, and we have several other beneficial zones for your playground plans.

Contact us at May Recreation, and we’ll send you up to 13 catalogs to peruse and help you start envisioning your perfect playground. We have pre-set plans for your convenience, but we also offer customized advice for those who want to personalize their playground.


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