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Getting Your Playground Ready for Springtime!

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on February 9, 2022

Springtime means more outdoor time -- and not a moment too soon! While playgrounds are known for being spaces for kids, they are just as valuable for the adults in their lives, too. Playgrounds invite parents to get active with their kids, bring them outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, and bond with their children while having fun. 

Get Your Playground Ready for Playtime

satishaa-javali-mEbaRHtQmjA-unsplashBefore you allow children to play and enjoy the playground, it's important to ensure that the structure is ready for their antics. Start by initiating a careful inspection of the entire structure, as well as the surrounding area.

Remember: the area near and around the play structure will be utilized by children and adults alike. You'll want to make sure your readiness plans include that section as well. 

When conducting your inspection, look for loose hardware, broken parts, and any evidence of vandalism. Try to stay objective and foresee if any items could be harmful to the children as they engage with the equipment. 

Be sure to call in experts or volunteers to assist you in repairing any equipment. If the repairs are extensive, it might be better to invest in new equipment. 

Clean and Disinfect the Equipment

Cleaning the playground equipment helps start the springtime play time off right. You'll also want to make a plan to clean and disinfect the equipment on a regular basis.

Start off by using soap that is safe for the equipment. Using plenty of water, tackle any dust or dirt that visible. 

Next, deep clean the playground equipment by using a non-toxic product. Be sure to chose one that is listed as being safe for the type of playground equipment you have. 

Lastly, use a disinfectant that's safe for your equipment to remove any germs that might still be present. 

Pay Attention to the Playground Surface

During your inspection of the playground equipment, you might not have paid very much attention to the surface the equipment is on and that surrounds it. The material that you use for surface -- as well as the condition it is in -- are very important. 

The right surface will add a great deal to the playground equipment. The number one benefit is, of course, protection for the children should they fall. 

However, the right protective surface can also be an attractive addition to any playground. The key is to ensure that the surface is well maintained and always in good condition. 

  • Wood chips and other wood fiber material make an excellent playground protective surface. Not only are these materials attractive, but they are also economical as well. 
  • Rubberized playground surfacing is another option. This material can be as colorful or neutral as you desire. Because it's made of rubber, this material helps cushion falls while reducing slips. Depending on your needs, rubberized protective surfacing can be rubber tiles, poured-in rubber, or rubber crumb. 
  • Artificial turf is a durable and attractive playground surface that lends a natural look to the area. It's designed to lessen any impacts and reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling. 

May Recreation knows playgrounds and playground equipment like no other company out there. We're here to help you get your playground equipment ready for the springtime weather. 

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