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Child Development Takes Place on a Playground

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on September 15, 2020

Playgrounds set the stage for many elements of child development. By learning through play, children are able to discover and understand the world surrounding them. They offer environments for advancing fine and gross motor skills. Beyond those physical developments, life skills and emotional growth moments occur that will guide and serve them through all stages of life.

Play is much more than entertainment or an opportunity to be wild and free. Rather, this unstructured time allows our children the opportunity to cultivate creativity, practice conflict resolution, and build confidence.

Playtime Fosters Creativity

Imagination is a powerful tool. Where you see a classic swing, your child may see ahappy girl on a swing in a children playground rocket ship launching them above the tree. While we recognize the monkey bars as an opportunity to build a power grip, your child may envision themselves trekking a jungle and escaping the lava below. These fantasies are amazing. They provide motivation to accomplish a task (can you imagine if they fell in the lava!) and they alter the prefrontal cortex of their brain that makes traditional learning easier.

Playtime Teaches Compromise

It’s difficult being a child, they’re not very good at convincing everyone that their idea is the one worth pursuing. Honestly, even adults encounter that problem from time to time. The difference is, as adults we have learned the etiquette of the world and have more tools to help us influence those around us. Guess what? You started developing those skills on the playground. When you were young and wanted to play tag but the neighbor wanted to play hide and seek, you were building the foundation for working through your differences and eventually the art of compromise!

Playtime Initiates Confidence

Have you ever marveled at how quickly children become friends at the neighborhood playground? That’s because they don’t question whether or not the other child will like them. They are innately sanguine. By offering more playground opportunities, you’re gifting them with elevated confidence levels. Whether it’s their game that’s chosen or their selected as team leader, collaboration with their peers on the playground bolsters their confidence.

Playtime is powerful!

We love that you trust us to build and create the environments that results in the physical and emotional growth of your children. If you’re looking to update or build a playground to contribute to your community’s children’s development contact May Recreation today.

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