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Incorporating Technology In Outdoor Play Can Enhance the Playground

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on April 12, 2017

Kids and technology. They go together like sticky fingers on a clean glass door. Most of us are aware of the dangers that too much screen time can have on a child’s developing mind. Kids need physical exercise and opportunities for creative, imaginative play. On the other hand, it’s the world we live in. These kids are going to grow up to change the world, using technology to make it happen. 

Is it possible to find a realistic, positive balance when it comes to technology and outdoor play?

Fortunately, organizations are beginning to understand this dilemma and the accompanying challenges.  Instead of fighting it, companies such as Biba have found a way to embrace technology by incorporating fun, education apps into outdoor play. This “smart play” concept encourages children to be physically active at the playground by bringing the thrill of a challenge and love of technology into outdoor fun. 

Smart Play & Biba Technology

Biba, a leader in the smart play industry, creates mobile apps with interactive games such as “Dino Dig, “Butterfly Bounty” and “Shake Charades.”  Parents and kids can play together, making it a true family activity. Biba’s apps are free and work with most playgrounds, although are most compatible with "Biba powered" playgrounds.  

Biba has poured countless resources into researching how playgrounds and technology can work together to achieve a common goal:  Providing healthy and fun opportunities for physical, mental and social development for children and families.

So next time you head to the park, why not download a smart play app such as “Batter Up” to play with your kids.  You’ll score some cool points in their eyes, get some exercise and spend quality time together.

If you can’t beat 'em, join ‘em

If it comes down to outdoor exercise vs. smartphone, the truth is that many kids might pick the phone. But now, instead of having to choose one or the other, you can join the two together for an enhanced play experience. Win-win!

For more information about smart play or to discuss Biba’s technology contact us today.

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