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Posted by May Recreation Content Team on November 25, 2019

Kids have a lot of imagination and will often come up with plenty of fun things to do on the playground. But they also lose interest pretty quickly or don't agree with each other on an activity. When they need some inspiration, it's always good to have ideas ready in your arsenal. Here are some ideas of fun playground games you can suggest. Some require certain materials or equipment, while others only require kids who want to play.

Variations on Tag

If kids are bored with a regular game of tag, suggest a variation such as Shadow Tag or TV tag. When it’s sunny out, kids can play Shadow Tag by having the one who’s deemed “it” try to tag the shadow of the other kids as they try to keep their shadow away. With TV tag, kids freeze in place when they’re tagged. They stay frozen until another player tags them while naming a television show. This version combines mental and physical exercise.

Playground Treasure Hunt

If you have time to prepare, try hiding any treasures of your choice around the playground in a game of Treasure Hunt. Playground equipment like slides and bridges make ideal places for items to be hidden. Kids will have fun and get exercise while running around the playground and climbing playground equipment until everything is found. Optionally, you could have a checklist to guide you and the kids.

Hot Lava

When your playground has great equipment that can keep kids off the ground, you can suggest a game of Hot Lava. You’ll get children’s imagination into play by pretending that the ground has turned into lava. Kids will need to be creative and maybe even work in teams to stay above ground. To ensure that children don’t simply find a place to stand in, add the step that they have to start at one point and end at another.

Capture the Flag

All you need for a game of Capture the Flag is a flag or some item that can be designated as a flag. You also need to determine an area for each team to make its “home base.” To play, each team starts at its home base. Then, each team tries to grab the other team’s flag without getting caught by a member of the other team. If someone tags a child on the other team, that child is put in “jail” unless a member of his team tags him and brings him back to home base. The game ends when the flag is captured and brought back to home base. Playground equipment works great as a home base for each team and provides a way for kids to swerve away and hide from those trying to catch them, making the game more fun.

These are only some of the many games that make a playground more fun for kids. No matter what kind of playground you have, you can always come up with playground games that will spark a child’s imagination and encourage physical activity. Some games are fun to play on solid ground, while others are ideal for playground equipment. To create a custom playground designed with a focus on fun and safety, contact us at May Recreation by calling 800-964-6301 or by email at randy@mayrecreation.com.

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