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Intergenerational Play: Building Strong Connections Across Generations

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on June 2, 2023

Today’s children have fewer siblings and better connections to their grandparents. Fostering intergenerational play, then, may be one of the best ways for families to find themselves connecting those links. In many instances, both parents work, and households are single-parent-led.

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Topics: Play & Fitness Child Development

Helping Children Embrace STEAM Principles With Playground Experiences

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 22, 2023

Many parents and educators are familiar with the term STEM, which is an acronym for “Science,” “Technology,” “Engineering” and “Mathematics.” These concepts are a foundational aspect of learning that helps students succeed across the board. STEM is designed to allow young people to gain real-world knowledge using these principles through hands-on applications and immersive experiences.

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Topics: Outdoor Classroom Child Development STEAM

Inclusive and Fun Activities to Celebrate Field Day

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on May 4, 2023

As the school year winds down, Field Day is one thing teachers and students look forward to. Field Day is a time-honored tradition in almost every school, and it offers a special opportunity for kids at all grade levels to interact, compete in a friendly environment, and show off their athletic abilities.

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Topics: Childhood Unplugged Child Development

The Impact of Inclusive Play on Kids' Social Skills

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on April 21, 2023

Inclusive playgrounds are essential to modern communities, providing opportunities for children of all abilities to play, learn, and grow together.

These accessible spaces cater to the unique needs of every child, ensuring that physical, mental, and learning disabilities do not limit their enjoyment and participation.

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Topics: Inclusivity Child Development

Help! My Neighborhood Needs a Park

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on April 7, 2023

It's no secret that play and physical activity are essential ingredients for a child's growth and development. But what if your neighborhood is lacking a space for children to run, climb, and explore?

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Topics: Community Parks Playground Design & Planning Child Development

6 Considerations for Designing a Playground

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on March 7, 2023

Playgrounds should help children understand the world around them and master skills they need to succeed in life. Many playgrounds only focus on physical play, but they should also create opportunities for other types of play.

When designing a playground, it’s important to think about how it will allow children to use their minds and bodies to interact with others and the environment.

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Topics: Playground Design & Planning outdoor learning Child Development

Why Should I Add Fitness Equipment to My Park?

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on February 6, 2023

It is understood that exercise goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle overall. Therefore, one way to get more out of your park investment is to incorporate fitness equipment either designed for adults, kids, or both to use when visiting.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states that for overall health or to maintain healthy levels, adults should do between 150 and 300 minutes of physical activity (moderate) weekly along with between 75 and 150 minutes of physical activity (aerobic) in the same time span.

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Topics: Play & Fitness Pediatric Health & Wellness Mental Health Child Development

Playground Games to Enhance Child Development

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on January 18, 2023

Playgrounds are very popular because they help to enhance child development. Playgrounds as a whole help to encourage children to socialize, exercise, increase their coordination, and use imaginative play.

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Topics: Custom Playground outdoor learning Child Development

Five Must-Haves for School Playgrounds

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on January 4, 2023

Designing a playground structure can be overwhelming. There are so many types of equipment out there, that you may find yourself wondering what you need on your playground and why.

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Topics: Custom Playground Play & Fitness Playground Design & Planning Recess Child Development

Tips for Making A School Playground Inclusive

Posted by May Recreation Content Team on December 2, 2022

Making a school playground inclusive is an all-in intentional effort. It’s more than building a ramp. While providing universal access is a major part, it's only a head start. The structures and equipment within the area need to encourage and challenge every child no matter what his or her abilities.

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Topics: Pediatric Health & Wellness Inclusivity Child Development

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