Social Distancing and Beyond

The COVID-19 Pandemic has swept the globe leaving no part of our lives unaffected. Our jobs and businesses have been disrupted, schools have been cancelled and school schedules are being re-thought, and families have had their routines turned upside down and are struggling to find balance in this new chaotic environment. 

At May Recreation, we know how important communities are. That's why we're committed to helping Texas communities achieve safer, inclusive spaces that provide outdoor learning and playtime that minimizes the grouping of children allowing them to enjoy socially distanced outside time.

This page includes information and resources to help plan, build and maintain safer learning and play environments throughout our Texas communities. 

These are challenging times, but we Texans have always been resilient. We will get through this soon, and we will do it with pride in our past and faith in our future! he resources below and share with your community!

hand sanitizer stations Miracle Recreation

Miracle Recreation Hand Sanitizer Stations


How to Clean Your Playground Equipment

Playground Maintenance JPG

Miracle Recreation Playground Maintenance 

Little builders-1-3

Impact of COVID-19 on Construction

Outdoor Classroom Solutions 2020_Final-page-001

Miracle Recreation Outdoor Classroom Solutions 


Social Distancing Designs

Our Team of in-house designers have come up with a sampling of pre-configured designs that address the challenges of social distancing in our schools and communities. We came up with some criteria we feel is important to consider when creating these designs:

  • Design creation for small group instruction
  • Design creation for small group play
  • Design creation with products that are easy to maintain and sanitize

We will continue to challenge ourselves to create further designs for use in our communities including schools, churches and public parks.


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