For a limited time, save on thrilling play equipment for parks, schools and recreation areas. Choose from dozens of playground structures and freestanding items — all at up to 40% off with FREE freight*.
If you’re looking for a complete playground structure, we have plenty of options to offer. Or, if you want to add to an existing structure or playground, our freestanding play equipment is the perfect solution — choose from a variety of swings, slides, spinners and climbers.
 Download the complete 2018 Playground Sale Guide below to see a complete list of items that are currently on sale.
To learn more, contact a May Recreation representative today; but hurry, this sale won't last long! Offer valid until December 3, 2018. 


Boulder Ridge Rock Wall - 4 section
Model #: 819-4W

SALE PRICE: $3,599

Add a towering and exciting climbing event to any playground. This large climbing structure provides a smooth grip for a safe climbing experience and is designed for children of all abilities, allowing everyone to join in on the adventure! 


fitness play Kids’ Choice Fitness
Model#: 714-S588J

SALE PRICE $16,399 + Free Shipping!*

The Fitness Clusters help kids develop flexibility and cardiovascular health while building coordination, balance and endurance. These play structures are modern playground designs for ages 5 to 12. Our Fitness Clusters playgrounds make fitness fun, keeping kids fit and healthy.


Mega Tower-1

Mega Tower
Model#: 714-S591J

SALE PRICE $35,899 + Free Shipping!*

Our Mega Tower playground equipment creates an exhilarating play experience. With some of the highest enclosed slides in the industry, the Mega Tower structure reaches up to 25 feet tall and comes in double and triple-deck systems.


kids choiceKids' Choice 
Model#: 714-S581J

SALE PRICE: $17,699 + Free Shipping!*

Our Kids’ Choice play structures are designed with excitement in mind. Endlessly innovative, totally versatile, and challenging for any child, our Kids’ Choice structures are compatible with our other product lines and can be customized to fit any space and age group.




Tots’ Choice Expansion
Model#: 704-S074J

SALE PRICE: $17,199 + Free Shipping!*

Our Tots' Choice line offers high quality and a range of options. We never cut corners when it comes to safety, so you can expect durable and high-quality materials and carefully tested components that you can install with absolute confidence. Every piece in our Tots’ Choice line meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards, and they are engineered to last.


10 spin

Ten Spin
Model#: 304W (304C)

SALE PRICE: $2,399

Built to accommodate up to 10 kids at once, this popular, freestanding event allows children of all abilities to join in the fun by either sitting, kneeling or standing. The Ten Spin is an inclusive freestanding product that allows children of all abilities to play together while providing an essential sensory experience that supports child development.


Arch Swing Painted 4 Seats
Model#: 718-852-4SW


Bring thrill to any space with Miracle’s expansive selection of Freestanding Equipment. Thrilling and challenging elements for any age group, choose from a wide variety of slides, swings, climbers and fitness equipment. All built with the quality you have come to expect from Miracle. 




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